Integration of AI into the Work Environment

AI Employee is a software solution implemented using the EWAS technology platform that can supplement, expand or replace existing workers in specialised professions. Unlike a Chatbot, the AI Employee's behaviour and communication is not completely predefined, but it tries to achieve its defined goals through improvisation.

Use cases

• Company presentations
• Company reception
• Online sales
• Personalized consulting
• Data analysis and interpretation
• Internal or customer support
• Routing within the ERP system,
through the company avatar

With AI Employees you can achieve a lot of benefits, for example

• Automatic resolution of various tasks and processes
• Reduction of time spent on repetitive or predictable activities
• Increase in productivity of work processes
• Cheaper workforce than a real employee covering the same agenda
• Analysing and interpreting large amounts of data (financial analysis, predicting market trends and planning company development strategies, etc.)
• Ability to learn and improve skills = better and more effective use of AI in different areas of the business

Data Security and GDPR

• Data is collected on the company's private servers = high level of protection against unauthorized access.
• All data is encrypted and protected from loss, theft, or damage.
• Specific accesses can be set for individual users (minimization of confidential information leak risk.
• Regular data backup, monitoring of user activity and detection of potential threats.
• Regular updating of security logs. úniku dôverných informácií).

AI Employee as Part of a Web Application for a Book Store Networks


To provide support in finding the right book for the customer through personalized recommendations and interactive offers.

AI Employee functions

• Based on the context, the customer specifies their book requirements, and the bookseller recommends suitable titles.
• Choosing a gift for another person - the AI Employee will ask the customer about the characteristics of the person they are looking a gift for and offer them personalized recommendations.
• Wide overview of book offer - The AI Employee offers customers unlimited possibilities to browse book offer. This removes the bottleneck of the customer or regular employee knowing specific titles and content.
• Personalized promotions and targeting of specific offers - The AI Employee offers personalized discounts and product offers based on customer demand and purchase history.
• Book feedback request and the ability to ask for reviews - The AI Employee asks the customer for feedback on the book in a natural conversational way. Based on the conversation, the AI Employee creates a review, which the AI employee publishes on the book title after approval and possible editing by the customer.
• It can be used for a quick survey - the AI Employee will ask the customer about their preferences and interests in order to offer personalized recommendations.
• Multiple conversations with a single customer - The AI Employee can have multiple conversations with a single customer and offer personalized recommendations within each conversation.

Avatar created according to the client's specifications

• The AI Employee takes the form of a text and voice avatar that interacts with the customer and offers personalized recommendations.
• Change of Avatar's form and character for returning users - The AI Employee is able to change the form and character of their avatar for customers who did not respond to the previous avatar to increase the success rate of the interaction.


A better user environment on the bookseller's site

An artificial intelligence employee using natural language and natural communication capabilities with the customer replaces the existing more complex tools for searching, writing reviews, etc. The AI Employee can also reach out to the customer directly without any initial interaction from the customer, and so it can advise the customer before the customer decides to leave the site.

Better understanding of customer needs

The AI Employee analyses customer behaviour, trying to understand their needs, preferences, and reasons why they for example left the store or why they didn't choose a product, for example. This will allow booksellers to target their offers better and improve the customer experience.

The entire history of interactions is stored

For further analysis and for adapting and fine-tuning the company's business strategy.

Improved competitiveness

The use of AI Employees in the e-shop helps the bookstore to improve its competitiveness and gain an advantage in the market. This can lead to an increase in sales and boost the company's profitability.

Reduction of customer service and return costs

Thanks to personalised advice and therefore better product selection (e.g., for gift purposes), the number of returned orders (e.g., due to inappropriate choice) will be reduced.

Increase of sales efficiency

An employee with artificial intelligence responds faster and more efficiently to customer requests. It can serve a large number of customers at once.

The Law Assistant for Preparing the Legal Advice


To enable law firms to generate draft legal advice and guidance on use cases automatically, minimizing manual steps in searching for information and linking to applicable law.

AI Employee functions

• Based on the currently applicable legislation, the AI Employee will prepare a legal advice, which will then be forwarded to specific lawyers for further consideration.
• The input for creating a concept is the entry of information about the given case and access to all closing opinions and court cases.
• Information about an ongoing case can be entered by text directly into chat, by sharing documents, or by integrating into the law firm's internal systems using an internal marking as a case identifier.
• If there is a change in the legal regulations, the AI Employee will propose an amendment to the legal opinion considering this change.
• The AI Employee maintains the temporal and content context of the case, it proposes a recommended course of action, provides ongoing consultation, and adds inspiration for solving problems as the case develops.
• Using access to publicly available online historical court cases nationwide, the AI Employee calculates the probability of the outcome of the case being heard. 


Saving time and resources

Saving lawyer/assistant time on more complex tasks that require their skills. This will enable the law firm to make better use of its resources and provide a better service to their clients.

Increased efficiency of the legal process

AI Employee quickly and efficiently drafts legal opinions and recommends case resolution procedures by processing large amounts of data that cannot be captured manually by a man.

Increased quality of legal opinions

AI Employee understands all historical versions of the law and can create or update an opinion based on current legislation.