Case studies


Introducing the client: Stellantis Group is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. It consists of 14 car brands […]


Introducing the client: The company HLF is a traditional Czech company operating on the market since 1996 in the field […]

AI Employees

Integration of AI into the Work Environment AI Employee is a software solution implemented using the EWAS technology platform that […]

International workspace provider company

3D OC model and visual configuration catalogue for potential renters

Manufacturer and integrator of complex industrial lines (with partner S-innovation)

Manufacturer and integrator of complex industrial lines (with partner S-innovation)

A portal for nursing services

AR/MR simulation and visualization solution for improving the care process of an older patients

CBRE Slovakia

VR/XR tour through the company's office space using Microsoft Hololens

Dell Computer

Mixed reality (MR) visualization of FANUC industrial robots for virtual factory with IoT platform integration

Microsoft Slovakia

Part of the project "Flying Circus 2019" - 3D mixed reality (MR) training for ABB industrial robots, visualization of the robot in space, process control of the training environment.

Security Technology System Integrator

Development of a mobile navigation application for on-site guidance in logistics

Gluekode, llc  / USA

Cooperation on the development of a mobile application for automatic check-in of gastro clients (arrival, departure, payment) - analysis, optimization and integration of business processes.

Slovenská Grafia Inc.

Analysis, optimization and integration of HR/IT business processes - onboarding of new employees (on the XEELO platform).

Pierre Baguette Ltd.

Analysis, optimization, standardization and integration of business processes - supplier relations and production quality management (XEELO platform), process analysis and preparation of documents for ERP RFP.

Direct Parcel Distribution SK Ltd.

Analysis, optimization and integration of business processes in the area of GDPR, implementation of the GDPR module of the XEELO platform to support GDPR processes.


Development of IS GIS for distribution lines and transport planning of food products, possibility of route optimization

A company developing e-commerce solutions

Integration and subcontracting of web solutions on the .NET platform for IS (public procurement)

Blockchain development company

Front-end development for Crypto Wallet application on AngularJS platform

Self-service car wash

Analysis of EU payment gateway integration options for car wash applications


Analysis and design of solutions for integration of different data sources in the area of Product Information Management. Analysis, design and implementation of accounting processes (XEELO platform), including integration with existing ERP.

Opium.systems Ltd.

Programming, consulting and integration services for the application and ChatBot into MS Teams

Persona Ltd.

Programming and design services for the development of e-shop software applications (DMS, CRM, e-shop module), standardization and optimization of processes, creation of IS architecture.

A cryptocurrency trading company

Creation of a web and back-end application for cryptocurrency trading on the BINANCE exchange


Analysis of bank statement evidence in the Bank module in ASSECO Helios

The Global Investment Group

Analysis of entries for the application project using OCR


Development and integration of an interactive website with Microsoft ASP.NET application interface

ESM-YZAMER, energy services and monitoring Ltd.

Software development for the RCO-view energy management application

GDPR services company

Information security audit, information security assessment and consultancy (GDPR)