Our team

We are a team of dynamic and innovative information technology professionals. Our architects, consultants, project managers and developers have many years of experience with challenging projects, from which they have gained experience in how to manage the demanding quality and complexity requirements of our clients. At the same time, they are able to appropriately shape the financial requirements and expected returns of the delivered solutions. Our goal is to deliver quality, meaningful and effective solutions. In the technology area, we work with proven partners and professionals who meet the demanding requirements for the quality of the solutions delivered and the fulfillment of our clients' requirements.

There is always something for improvement. To achieve success and stability, we must move forward and deliver quality, meaningful and positive solutions.

Dušan Okleštek

Co-Founder / CEO
Technical knowledge and logical thinking are essential. However, communication, empathy and mutual understanding are necessary to move forward.

Ing. Dominika Urbánová

Co-Founder / CTO
The ability to actively listen, understand and fulfill the client's needs and goals is a basic prerequisite for any successful project.

Jana Šťastná

Co-Founder / CSO

Jakub Hranický

Team Leader